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Fire Alarm Systems Impact Life Safety and the Extent of Property Loss

The operation of a fire alarm system can significantly impact life safety and even the extent of property loss. JENSEN HUGHES engineers have extensive experience in fire alarm systems from design to installation and forensic analysis. The interaction of fire detection and alarm systems with suppression and building systems can be a critical component of evaluating the spread of a fire, suppression of the fire, occupant egress, and facility operations.

Codes and Standards

Our staff develops fire alarm system codes and standards by participating and chairing numerous National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) technical committees, providing research for the code development process, and publishing commentary in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and NFPA handbooks. JENSEN HUGHES engineers chair and are members of multiple NFPA 72 technical committees and UL Standard Technical Panels (UL 217).

Design and Installation

Because our staff designs, inspects, and commissions fire alarm systems, we have a detailed knowledge of fire alarm equipment, construction techniques, and maintenance requirements. Many of our staff have worked in the trades and have hands-on experience with fire alarm systems installations and understand wiring configurations of these systems.

Performance and Testing

Picture-Section 1 - forensic services- fire alarm systemsJENSEN HUGHES has performed detailed forensics of fire alarm equipment operation during a fire. This includes investigating remote supervising station and central station operations and effectiveness in fire incidents. JENSEN HUGHES has the historical experience with the fire alarm industry as it has developed over the past 40 years. This experience includes testing and evaluating a wide range of fire detection systems, such as spot smoke and heat detectors, aspiration detection, smoke and fire video imaging detection, beam detectors, heat detectors and novel technologies.

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