JENSEN HUGHES develops industry leading software to support our engineering services. We look to provide solutions to problems that benefit from automation and require consistent methodologies.

JENSEN HUGHES has developed several software products for use by fire protection professionals. The ability to combine our technical knowledge from a wide range of engineering disciplines with our experienced software development teams provides JENSEN HUGHES with a unique ability to develop quality software products for our clients. These products include computationally demanding models like our industry leading clean agent flow calculation software, which is used by the world’s leading clean agent equipment manufacturers.

Software Development Services

JENSEN HUGHES develops software to meet the emerging needs of our clients. The following are some of the some of the software development services we offer:

  • Industry Specific Software
    • Enterprise Level
    • Mobile Apps
    • Web Development
    • Software Utilities
  • Software Development Support
  • Data Analytics for Evaluation and Decision Making
  • Multi-Physics Software
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Training and Education
  • Verification and Validation
  • Accreditation Support
  • Third Party Peer Review

Power Services Software

The Power Services Group (PSG) has an in-house software development team that works closely with engineering to provide the most effective software solutions for the nuclear industry

  • PARAGON® – Industry leading software for configuration risk management
  • ARCPlus™ and Endsight – Fire protection in nuclear power plants
  • PDMS – Cable raceway configuration management system
  • FRANX and EPRI R&R Tools – Development support software
  • Risk Visualizer™ – Web-based application to communicate risk insights

Our software is developed under, or is based on, QA programs that satisfy NRC Part 50 Appendix B and VVA Department of Defense requirements.

Multi-physics Software

JENSEN HUGHES develops computational software to solve industries toughest problems.

  • Developer team of Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) for CFD predictions of fire
  • Fire modeling of very large spaces in building, transportation, and industrial applications
  • Coupled Fire-Thermal- Structural interaction

Data Analytics For Decision Making

Our software development team and engineers have developed applications that include large quantities of data to support decision making on products and evaluate complex scenarios. We have successfully implemented solutions that have supported industry and government entities related to risk informed decision making, assessment of products, and determination of potential safety issues.

Training and Education

JENSEN HUGHES Academy provides learning management services to the fire protection engineering and life safety industry. Our catalog of industry-specific training modules, available online 24/7, is unmatched in its scope, depth and quality. The JENSEN HUGHES Academy Learning Management System provides robust, comprehensive management and reporting services designed to meet the needs of firms dedicated to protecting the built environment. Our training programs are certified by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), the owners of the ANSI standard in continuing education training.

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