Design and Analysis of Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

The AgentCalcs software contains a sophisticated calculation routine for predicting the quantity of agents through a pipe network system.  The calculation routine can be initiated when all the data necessary to describe the system has been input via the interface.  The Windows™-based interface provides a convenient, fast and user-friendly method for entering the system.  The software is also interfaced with (and is dependent upon) the hardware-specific data that must be included in the design of a system.

The calculation routine is initiated from the data entered in screens under the Inputs menu.  The Isometric Entry screen allows the user to “draw” a sketch of the system. Information from the drawing is automatically transferred to the Pipe Network table.

Designing a system begins by entering information to calculate the quantity of agent required to be delivered into each hazard. An agent source (cylinders) and pipe network is then entered to deliver this agent. Nozzle codes may be either manually entered or estimated by the calculation routine to complete the layout of the system.  The calculation routine is then run and a comparison of the system requirements to the predicted system performance is made.  If the predictions meet the system requirements and no error messages are present, then the system is properly designed.  If the predictions do not meet the system requirements, then changes must be made to the system (for instance, adjustments to nozzle codes or the pipe network) and the calculation routine run again.  This procedure is repeated until the system meets the design requirements and all of the error messages are resolved.

Key Features

  • Isometric screen allows the user to “draw” the manifold and system
  • Software operates under most Regional Settings and allows users in different countries to exchange files without worrying about the number and date formats
  • Pipe types, pipe diameters, and nozzle codes can either be specified by the user or selected by the software
  • Every major U.S. manufacturer of industrial CO2 systems uses the calculation theory

How to Order

AgentCalcs versions are available for a range of halocarbon and inert gas agents. Currently available versions include:

  • HFC-227ea – 25 bar
  • HFC-227ea – 42 bar
  • HFC-125ea – 25 bar
  • HFC-125ea – 42 bar
  • HFC-23
  • IG-541
  • High Pressure CO2

Versions for other agents can be provided, so please feel free to contact us if you do not see the agent of interest.