Picture_Heading 3 - Services_Power Systems Related Services_Software Analysis ToolsThe ARCPlusTM software suite extends the compliance toolset of the ARC software to include additional user-selected modules that further assist users in the management and refinement of fire safe shutdown assessments, fire hazards analyses, and Fire PRAs. The ARCPlusTM program has been developed to support both facilities transitioning to NFPA 805 and those with traditional fire protection programs under 10 CFR 50.48(b) and Appendix R. The ARCPlusTM program interfaces with cable and raceway systems to facilitate development of fire safe shutdown data using the Fire Data Manager (FDM) component of the ARCPlusTM suite. The FDM component is designed to manage plant data unique to the needs of fire protection and Fire PRA and provides a common data store that includes the ability to manage multiple component functional states.

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