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Tech Support FAQs

Vista/Windows 7 (32-bit) Fix for Version 3 Flow Calculation Software

This page contains answers to common software issues handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful.

1. How do I update the HASP™ drivers? Please visit the Aladdin web site (manufacturers of the HASP™ hardware key) for the latest HASP™ 4 device driver GUI installation download (HASP4_driver_setup.zip).


Remove the old HASP™ drivers by using the Uninstall Key Driver option provided by the flow calculation software. (Start > Programs > ***Flowcalc*** > HASP Tools > Uninstall Key Driver)

Unzip the HASP4_driver_setup.zip file downloaded from the Aladdin web site.

Run the hdd32.exe file. This utility will walk you through the installation.

2. When I run the calculation, a message appears stating that “A problem has occurred running the calculations. If the DOS window is not visible, locate it on the task bar and open it.” When I switch to the DOS window, it contains the following error: “jwe0019i-u The program was terminated abnormally with EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION.”

  • Go to Control Panel->System->Advanced (Tab)->Performance (Settings Button)->Data Execution Prevention (Tab)
  • On this screen change the radio button to the one on top. “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” and click OK
  • Close all windows Reboot the computer
  • Test the Calculations program

If you wish to turn on DEP for all programs (standard setting prior to making the changes above), it may be possible to go back into the DEP window, turn it on, and add the calculation programs to the exceptions list. However this solution has not been confirmed.

3. What operating systems support AgentCalcs™?

Version v3.xx Flow Calculation software is designed to run on Windows™ 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP operating systems. The Vista™ Fix can be applied to make the V3 software operate with the 32-bit version of Vista™.

Flow Calculation software v2.xx, including the AgentCalcs™ for CO2, was designed to run on Windows™ 95/98 and Windows™ NT operating systems. The software will also run on Windows™ 2000 and XP.

Note: 64-bit operating systems are not supported.

4. What happens to a TimeHASP™ when its battery dies?

The TimeHASP™ has a lifetime of 3–5 years, which by all measures is a long time in terms of software licensing. When the battery dies, TimeHASP™ will no long function and will not allow the program to continue. Contact TechSupport for assistance.

5. I am getting a “Key Not Found” error message running the Version 3.xx Flow Calculation software.

Make sure the latest HASP™ driver is installed on your machine. See #1 above “How do I update the HASP™ drivers?”

Remove all other hardware keys you may have (USB or parallel port) and retry the software.

6. I am getting a “Key Not Found” error message running the version 2.xx CO2 Flow Calculation software.

Update the HASP™ device drivers. See #1 above “How do I update the HASP™ drivers?”

Replace the haspmsw3.dll file installed in your program folder with the updated file found here.

7. I am unable to open the Help file (Windows™ 2000).

Contact Tech Support to see if a Windows™ 2000-compatible Help file is available for your software. Please include your name, company name, phone number, and software version number in your email.

8. I am getting a “User Has No Access to Database Registry” error when I try to install the HASP™ driver (Windows™ NT/2000).

Your User Profile does not allow you to modify the registry. You should log in as an Administrator or contact your IT staff for assistance. After logging on as an Administrator, you should be able to install the HASP™ driver.

9. I am getting a “Run-time Error 13” error message when I start the program.

Earlier versions of the software require the Regional Settings be set to English (United States). Verify that you are using the correct Regional Settings (in the Control Panel).

10. What do I do if my computer does not have a parallel port?

Contact the OEM’s support department for information on how to obtain a USB key.

11. I am getting a runtime error when I try to print.

Contact your printer manufacturer to obtain the latest PostScript printer driver version available.

12. When I run a calculation, a message box with the following title appears: “16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem”.

Section_Picture-Tech SupportThe autoexec.nt file is stored in the windows\system32 directory and has been deleted.  This is a Windows™ file, and the flow calculation software has no control over it.  Why it is being removed is unclear at this time.  To correct the situation, you must copy a backup of the autoexec.nt file from the c:\windows\repair directory to the c:\windows\system32.  If the autoexec.nt file continues to be deleted, Microsoft has recommended changing the file property to Read Only.

13. When I run a calculation, a message box appears indicating that an error has occurred in the DOS window.

Switch to the DOS window (Command Prompt) that has been opened by the flow calculation software.

If you see a line that says “Abnormal Program Termination:  Stack Fault”, your software is not compatible with your Windows™ operating system.  Contact the OEM for upgrade information.

If you see a line that says “Please install hardware key on the printer port and retry”, you may have installed the HASP™ HL drivers.  While these drivers allow you to enter the flow calculation software, they are not always compatible with the calculation routine.  Uninstall the HASP™ HL drivers using the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.  Then, update with the correct HASP4™ device drivers.  See #1 above “How do I update the HASP™ drivers?”

14. I am getting a “Failed to start Aladdin Device Driver. Failed to start a service in the Service Control Manager” during the HASP™ installation.

Update the HASP™ device drivers.  See #1 above “How do I update the HASP™ drivers?”

15. At the end of the software installation, I get a message indicating that the HASP™ device drivers about to be installed are older than the drivers currently installed.

The message is only a warning indicating that another program has previously installed the HASP™ drivers and that the drivers already installed are more recent.  Since the HASP™ drivers that came with the flow calculation software that you are currently installing are old, their installation is being blocked.  This should not adversely affect the software operation.

16. During the HASP™ installation, a blue screen is quickly flashed and the computer restarts.

Please print and complete the following instructions: BSOD.txt

17. I am getting an “Overflow Runtime Error” message when starting the Flow Calculation software on a Chinese version of Windows™ XP.

Open Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel.  You should see three tabs.  These are Regional Options, Languages, and Advanced.  Click on the Advanced tab.  There is a section for Language for non-Unicode programs.  This setting must be switched to English [United States].   After you have updated this setting, the software should open without any problems.

If you begin to have trouble running any other software (i.e., a Chinese version of Adobe® Acrobat™ begins to run in English), you will have to reset the non-Unicode setting to the original value, and then only set it to English when you need to run the flow calculation software.

18. I just upgraded to Vista/Windows 7 and the software won’t run.

If your new computer is running 32-bit Vista/Windows 7, you can try the Vista/Windows 7 (32-bit) Fix for Version 3 Flow Calculation Software.  If your new conmputers is using 64-bit Vista/Windows 7, then you will need Version 4. Version 3 cannot be run on a 64-bit machine.