Campus Fire Forum 2016

October 31, 2016

JENSEN HUGHES will be exhibiting and presenting at the Campus Fire Forum 2016, hosted by the Center for Campus Fire Safety. The forum will be held from November 2-4, 2016, at the Hilton Phoenix/Mesa in Mesa, Arizona.

Michael Ferreira, Vice President at JENSEN HUGHES, is scheduled to present, “Emergency Evacuation for Large Assembly Spaces.” The presentation will take place on Wednesday, November 2, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Life safety experts, Tim LaRose and Sean McCarthy will also be at the JENSEN HUGHES booth to answer questions related to campus safety.

Emergency Evacuation for Large Assembly Spaces

michael ferriera campus fire forum 2012
Michael Ferreira

Evacuating students and the general public from large assembly spaces, including football stadiums and basketball arenas used for sporting events, graduations, concerts, and other events, can be a significant challenge. This is especially true for events that may compromise, or make unavailable, a portion of the code-compliant egress routes from the facility.  Predictive computer modeling can provide a useful tool for predicting evacuation times during events and can help to identify architectural features or event usage features that can lengthen evacuation times, cause congestion conditions, or otherwise adversely impact evacuation.  Modeling can be used to look at evacuation during a number of different types of emergency conditions, such as:

  • Fires
  • Loss of Power / Low Lighting
  • Severe Weather Events
  • Bomb Threats
  • Active Shooter Events

A case study will be shown that illustrates the conditions presented by these events and potential outcomes that were predicted using modeling for a project looking at two different types of assembly spaces and several of the threat conditions above.

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