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JENSEN HUGHES Acquires Cygna Energy Services

Combines leading players in nuclear and utility software solutions

JENSEN HUGHES is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cygna Energy Services, Inc. (Cygna). Cygna, co-founded by Glenn Smith and Tim Fay, and headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, is a leader in providing software solutions for the energy industry, including a powerful configuration management tool and data analysis program called Plant Data Management System (PDMS).

The personnel of Cygna Energy Services, Inc. are now part of the JENSEN HUGHES team. PDMS will continue to operate and function as a standalone application and all software updates, technical support, and quality assurance will be the same as before the acquisition.

JENSEN HUGHES’ fire data management software application, ARCPlus, will also continue to operate and function as a standalone application with the existing ability to access all cable and raceway management database programs, including PDMS.

PDMS and ARCPlus offer industry leading fire protection, safe shutdown, probabilistic risk assessment (PRA), penetration seal management, risk insights, operational insights, cable tray analysis, cable ampacity analysis, cable routing, cable aging, and configuration management.

About Plant Data Management System (PDMS)

Do you know if your facility meets its design criteria?

Every day, questions are asked about plant safety, technical, operational, regulatory compliance, cost, schedule, and many other issues. The ability to respond to these questions accurately and cost effectively relies on information gathered from drawings, calculations, procedures, reports, historical documents, and industry standards that are maintained by diverse organizations at diverse locations. An accurate response to these questions depends on the accuracy of the information used to formulate the response.

PDMS is a sophisticated database application that consolidates, manages and analyzes data against a defined and controlled set of customer design criteria. PDMS identifies where existing conditions and proposed changes may be in conflict with the design criteria. As data is added and updated over the life of the database it is continuously analyzed and the quality of the analysis output is continuously improved. This accuracy results in less dependency on an individual’s memory and technical knowledge. As new problems and potential conflicts are identified, pro-active changes can be implemented to improve compliance with safety, constructability, quality, maintenance, operational, and other standards, specifications, and procedures. PDMS has been designed with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to select, review, update, and analyze data interactively from remote terminals. The PDMS application is available as a client-server application. A browser based application is under development.

PDMS is currently in use at several operating nuclear plants, several fossil plants, and at Department of Energy facilities. The core PDMS application is customized for each customer to meet their unique design criteria, numbering system, and business requirements. PDMS is continuously updated to stay current with contemporary operating systems, networks, security policies, development tools, and databases.

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