Dan Gottuk Celebrates 25 Years with JENSEN HUGHES

October 18, 2017

Dan Gottuk
Left to right: Raj Arora, Dan Gottuk, and Paul Orzeske

Every employee at JENSEN HUGHES makes a contribution the company’s success. Each year, employees reach milestones of personal and professional growth. Daniel Gottuk, PE, PhD, is the latest employee to reach an important professional goal by celebrating 25 years with JENSEN HUGHES.

After getting his Bachelors and Doctorate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Dan joined Hughes Associates, Inc. as a Senior Engineer in 1992, which later became JENSEN HUGHES. This position set him up for success, providing him with knowledge and experience in every facet of JENSEN HUGHES’ portfolio. After being in this position for 20 years, he transitioned to the Director of Forensics and Research and Development in 2012. This year, he transitioned to Vice President of Advanced Solutions, putting his vast experience to use at a company-wide level.

In addition to his work at JENSEN HUGHES, Dan is a member of ten professional fire and life safety associations, panels, and councils. He is an editor, member of the editorial board, and peer reviewer for over half a dozen technical journals and books. He won numerous awards for his outstanding work towards progressing fire and life safety.

Please join JENSEN HUGHES in congratulating Dan on his efforts over the last 25 years, including his contributions to forensics and engineering.

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