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Risk Is Managed by Reducing Severity, Probability, or Both

JENSEN HUGHES engineers assess the environmental, safety, and health risks posed by chemical compounds and make informed recommendations to help our customers manage those risks.  An extremely hazardous chemical does not pose high risk if the probability of release or exposure can be reduced to an acceptably low level.  Alternatively, a less hazardous chemical may pose high risk if people or the environment are continuously exposed.  We can help you evaluate both the severity of the hazard and the probability of exposure associated with all of the chemicals used in materials, processes, and products throughout your enterprise in order to manage risk to an acceptable level.  We also offer a variety of other risk assessment and risk management services that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Data Analysis

Picture_Section 1-Services_Sustainability and Pollution Prevention_Chemical Risk AssessmentJENSEN HUGHES compiles, interprets, and analyzes chemical composition data from a variety of sources, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Safety Data Sheets, product data sheets, certified statements of composition, drawings, and specifications.  We also analyze volume and consumption data from sources such as purchase records, shipping records, and maintenance logs in order to quantify and prioritize each different chemical/product combination.  Every analysis is tailored to recognize specific regulatory concerns and health effects of interest to our clients, such as volatile organic compounds and carcinogens.  We can also identify where data gaps exist in the profile of individual chemicals or products and recommend options to generate the necessary data.

Emerging Science

Picture_Section 2-Services_Sustainability and Pollution Prevention_Chemical Risk AssessmentToxicity values and other environmental and health endpoints associated with chemical compounds are constantly evolving.  JENSEN HUGHES is well positioned to stay abreast of new studies and reports by the scientific community (including NIOSH, NIH, CDC, EPA, DOD, National Academies, ACGIH, academia and others) that may affect how certain chemicals are used, perceived, and regulated.  Maintaining this awareness is not only critical for chemical risk assessment, but it also supports our regulatory forecasting and alternatives identification and evaluation capabilities.

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