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Quality Construction Relies on Experienced Technical Oversight

At JENSEN HUGHES, we work under a philosophy of cohesive design from concept to execution, which provides our clients with feasible, practical, goal-oriented fire protection designs. To ensure these designs are properly constructed, JENSEN HUGHES provides a variety of commissioning and construction management support services.

For challenging projects which may involve life safety, property protection, mission continuity, heritage preservation, and environmental protection, our engineers ensure the design goals get constructed as intended. Without commissioning, it is challenging to ensure that fire protection systems will meet the prescribed code minimum requirements, established performance based design requirements and/or end user requirements. JENSEN HUGHES understands commissioning is much more than simply testing the systems and placing them in service at the end of a construction project.  Commissioning is a quality assurance or quality control process that verifies the system will perform as intended. JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced engineers ensure fire protection and life safety systems are properly constructed and commissioned.

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