Don’t let a good design become a bad installation due to lack of professional oversight.

Construction Administration services ensure that construction is completed within the time and budget constraints and that the construction conforms to applicable code requirements and design, bid, or permit documents. JENSEN HUGHES’ construction period services include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing contractor shop submittals (shop drawings) for fire suppression systems, fire detection/alarm systems, mass notification systems, firestopping, fireproofing, fire resistance-rated assemblies, and interior finishes for code compliance.
  • Assisting the project team in responding to requests for information (RFIs) relating to fire and life safety.
  • Performing on-site inspections or walkthroughs with the project team to identify compliance issues and to assist the project team in methods to address the issues.
  • Performing on-site walkthroughs with building and fire inspectors to present solutions developed by the project team for fire/life safety issues.

JENSEN HUGHES’ expertise can be harnessed to ensure fire/life safety code compliance before the arrival of building or fire code inspectors giving the project team confidence in providing on-time and on-budget delivery of a safe building.

Document Review

JENSEN HUGHES will review contractor shop drawing submissions to ensure compliance with the contract documents and applicable codes. Having this review prior to submission to the AHJ ensures timely approval of a construction permit and reduces comments and iterations of the drawings to the AHJ.

Inspection and Testing

JENSEN HUGHES can inspect fire protection, fire alarm, smoke control, passive fire protection and other life-safety systems prior to final acceptance testing by the AHJ.  JENSEN HUGHES can assist with determining all equipment to be certified in the building and the appropriate test or inspection to be conducted for each device.  JENSEN HUGHES can verify and document the correct sequence of operation and performance of overall design features as required by code and the contract documents.  JENSEN HUGHES will complete required forms during certification of the systems and will include the completed forms in our final reports.


JENSEN HUGHES will document our findings of all life-safety systems in final reports. JENSEN HUGHES will provide reports for each building and system, will certify that each system is operational and installed per the contract documents and applicable codes, and will include test forms used during the inspection and testing process. The final report will be sealed by a licensed fire protection engineer.

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