Commissioning is Much More than Just Testing the System

JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced staff of engineers and technicians has earned an excellent reputation with architects, general contractors, and building owners / end users by assisting in the acceptance testing or commissioning process for fire alarm and detection systems.  Fire alarm system commissioning is much more than simply testing the system and placing it into service at the end of a construction project.  Commissioning is a quality assurance or quality control process that verifies the system will perform as intended. It is demonstrated through inspection, testing, and documentation; but that is only one piece of the equation.

A Systematic Process

Commissioning is a systematic process that provides documented confirmation that the fire protection and life safety systems function as designed and in a way that satisfies the owner’s operational needs.

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Construction Management Services_Commissioning_Fire Alarm SystemsProper fire alarm system performance is achieved by starting during the design phase including documenting the design intent and performance objectives then continues throughout construction, acceptance, and the warrantee period.  Thorough commissioning should include verification of system performance but should also include evaluation of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) documentation and oversight of the training of operating personnel.  The commissioning process begins at project inception and continues through design, construction, and project closeout.

The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal of fire alarm system commissioning is to ensure that a system meets the owner’s operational needs and provides continued reliable, efficient, and effective operation throughout the intended service life.

JENSEN HUGHES and the Commissioning Process

Through documentation of the design intent, periodic inspections of the fire alarm system installation during construction, the witnessing and documenting of the system testing, the verification of system performance, review of close-out documentation such as as-built (Record) drawings and O&M manuals, and the assisting in training of personnel, JENSEN HUGHES engineers and technicians ensure that the system meets the building owner’s operational needs.  Regular visual inspections, functional testing, and routine maintenance will assure that the system continues to operate throughout its intended service life.  JENSEN HUGHES assists building owners by accompanying fire alarm system service technicians during the inspection, testing, and maintenance activities and effectively documenting the processes involved.

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