Commissioning is Used to Ensure Quality Systems

JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced staff of engineers and technicians have earned a reputation with architects, general contractors, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), building owners and end users by assisting in the commissioning process for a variety of fire protection systems.  Fire suppression system commissioning is a quality assurance or quality control process used to ensure system performance reliability demonstrated through inspection, testing, and documentation of the system at all stages from inception to acceptance.

Why Commission Systems?

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Construction Management Services_Commissioning_Fire Protection SystemsWithout commissioning it is challenging to ensure that fire protection systems will meet the prescribed code minimum requirements, established performance based design requirements and/or end user requirements. Applicable codes and standards define the minimum requirements for design and acceptance testing, but do not prescribe a process, which ensures the final installed system will perform as intended. There are currently no code mandates for commissioning of systems; however, JENSEN HUGHES staff, along with other recognized industry experts, participated in the NFPA codes and standards process to develop NFPA 3, Recommended Practice for Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems. This document is intended to ensure fire protection and life safety systems perform according to their design intent.

JENSEN HUGHES’ Approach to Commissioning

Commissioning starts with the establishment of a basis of design to identify system performance requirements and continues throughout construction, acceptance of the system by the owner and AHJ, and after building occupancy. The JENSEN HUGHES process includes:

  • review of shop drawings, field surveillance,
  • development of functional acceptance test procedures,
  • witnessing and directing acceptance testing,
  • review and acceptance of operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals,
  • review and acceptance of as-built shop drawings,
  • providing training support, and
  • resolution of warranty issues.

The JENSEN HUGHES Difference

Picture_Section 3 - Services_Construction Management Services_Commissioning_Fire Protection SystemsJENSEN HUGHES experience with clients around the world has exposed our engineers and technicians to many challenging aspects of commissioning fire protection systems.  JENSEN HUGHES routinely supports our customers by providing research, design and commissioning services. This experience enables JENSEN HUGHES to ensure functional and compliant systems are installed for all applications.

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