We Provide Expert Review for Complicated Designs

JENSEN HUGHES prides itself on employing experts in a number of specialty engineering services.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers have authored numerous books, handbook chapters, and technical papers.  Our expertise is a valued commodity that is often utilized by Building Departments, Fire Departments, and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) tasked to perform third party review for the purposes of approving engineering designs.

Plan Review Services

JENSEN HUGHES provides third party plan review services for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) for fire and life safety. AHJs can include Building Officials, Fire Officials, Federal government specialists, insurance purveyors and others. Picture_Section 1(alt) - Services_Construction Management_Third Party ReviewJENSEN HUGHES is trusted in providing third party plans review support to AHJs in cases such as to accommodate staff and workload challenges or when specific technical expertise is needed for given project. In all of these cases, code or standards compliance, particularly with any adopted amendments or design guidance directives, is the desired approach. JENSEN HUGHES’ experience with codes and standards, as well as highly-protected risk insurance requirements and approaches, means that reliable assistance can be provided for AHJs in many areas of the built environment.

Our engineers often provide support to small and mid-size municipalities tasked to review large projects within their jurisdictions.  As examples, our San Ramon, CA office has reviewed the new Apple Headquarters for the City of Cupertino, CA and our Denver, CO office has reviewed assisted over 20 departments and jurisdictions in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Performance-Based Design Review

Performance-based designs often involve a range of modeling, from computational fluid dynamics models to timed egress models and heat transfer models.  Building and fire departments may not have expertise in specific modeling techniques used to support a performance-based analysis and may require a third party review to verify the adequacy of the design.  Peer review is often required for tenability smoke control systems in malls, atria, stadiums, and other large spaces.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers have provided peer review services for a wide variety of projects both in the U.S. and internationally, including the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Macau, the Tel Aviv Red Line subway system in Israel, and the Forum Shops retail mall in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Corporate Fire/Life Safety Reviews

Picture_Section 3 - Services_Construction Management_Third Party ReviewIndividual corporations often have corporate fire/life safety programs that augment the requirements in local and national codes.  Corporate requirements may be in place to increase the degree of life safety provided or to provide property protection in excess of that required by code.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers have assisted a number of corporations in performing fire safety reviews, both in the form of plan reviews and on-site facility and system reviews.  Our numerous office locations worldwide are able to provide review services for corporate locations, however remotely they be located.  Examples of corporations JENSEN HUGHES has provided review services for include Marriott International, Best Buy, IKEA and Exxon Mobil.

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