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Fire Protection and Life Safety Solutions for the Design-Build Team

At JENSEN HUGHES, we work under a philosophy of cohesive design from concept narratives, through proposal preparation to design execution and commissioning as an integral part of any design-build team. We provide value to our clients and their design-build team members with practical, cost effective, fire protection design and life safety compliance solutions. Through all phases of the design-build process, we anticipate issues that may arise, reducing uncertainty about the ultimate construction cost and schedule.

JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians can approach and solve design challenges involving building and fire codes, life safety, property protection, mission continuity, and heritage preservation. Our engineers can develop and obtain approval for performance based designs through egress, life safety, & human movement modeling or through design flexibility and code equivalencies.

Design-Build: Design Services

Picture_Selection 1 - Services_Design_Design-Build ServicesAt JENSEN HUGHES, we make the design process simple for our clients and their installation team. We provide engineers at the forefront of fire protection technology as an integral part of the design-build team. We provide an understanding of the codes and standards that enables the team to develop fire alarm systems, fire protection systems, egress, life safety & human movement modeling, smoke control, fire resistance, and mass notification systems drawings, specifications, narratives, and calculations that satisfy the requirements of the solicitation while anticipating the challenges of meeting budgetary and schedule constraints. All documents can be developed in conventional CADD or BIM format.

Design- Build: Construction Services

Picture_Selection 2 - Services_Design_Design-Build ServicesAt JENSEN HUGHES, we assist the design-build team by ensuring that passive and active fire protection systems have been installed in accordance with contract requirements, code and standard requirements, and the solicitation by staying a part of the active design-build team through the end of construction. JENSEN HUGHES’ dedicated and qualified staff are available for construction administration, plan review, and commissioning of all passive and active fire protection systems.


Picture_Selection 3 - Services_Design_Design-Build ServicesJENSEN HUGHES provides design-build services to architects, engineers, architectural/engineering firms, property owners and developers to ensure the most cost effective, code compliant fire protection solution is employed during the bid, design and construction phases of the project. JENSEN HUGHES has a proven track record of providing services for commercial, healthcare, higher education, historic buildings & museums, hospitality and entertainment, industrial & manufacturing, power & energy, science & technology, telecommunications & data centers, and transportation sectors throughout the world.

Government, Military and Department of Defense Design-Build Services

JENSEN HUGHES provides design-build fire protection engineering services for all aspects of Government, Military & Department of Defense projects to ensure compliance with code, Request for Proposal and contract requirements. JENSEN HUGHES provides services for all facilities including Residential Facilities (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Barracks and Dormitories), Aircraft Hangars, Office Buildings, Retail Buildings, Military Museums, Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities, Storage Facilities, Power and Energy Facilities, Temporary Facilities, Educational Facilities, Entertainment Facilities, Vehicle Repair Facilities, Telecommunications and Data Facilities, Research and Technology Centers, Secret and Top Secret Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities and High Value Asset Facilities.

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