Fire Detection and Notification is Essential for Protection of Life and Property

JENSEN HUGHES works under a philosophy of cohesive design from concept to execution. Our traditional design methodology integrates necessary elements to present a prescriptive fire alarm and detection system that is cost-effective to install and maintain.  This requires a thorough understanding of the relevant codes and the client’s needs.

Our engineers can develop performance-based designs for unique applications, which focus on specific protection criteria and include advanced fire modeling and testing.  While such a design process can require sophisticated analytics, our goal is to provide solutions that meet client needs.

JENSEN HUGHES engineers are active in code development, industry focus groups, and product development. Our objective is to assist the fire alarm industry by providing quality design and support services.


JENSEN HUGHES staff of registered fire protection engineers can determine system performance requirements, produce detailed design drawings and documents, perform manufacturer specific calculations, and evaluate the installation of systems. JENSEN HUGHES engineers have extensive design and construction experience.

Picture_Section 1-Services_Design_Fire Alarm SystemsJENSEN HUGHES’ design capabilities include code based prescriptive design, technically advanced performance-based design, and manufacturer specific shop drawings. Our engineers and technicians are familiar with the older industry systems and practices, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and methods. System knowledge includes wireless and wired systems, fire alarm proprietary and industrial networks, and all major fire alarm systems in the industry.

JENSEN HUGHES engineers are actively involved in the development process for many of the fire protection system codes and standards. This knowledge and experience allows JENSEN HUGHES to prepare accurate, cost effective, state of the art fire alarm and detection system designs.


JENSEN HUGHES provides engineering design solutions for the following fire alarm and detection system challenges:

  • Basic fire alarm systems
  • UUKL smoke control fire alarm systems
  • Wireless networked systems
  • Fire alarm and mass notification systems seamlessly integrated
  • Networked systems using varying kinds of fiber-optic and copper media

Innovative Solutions

JENSEN HUGHES works with clients to develop coordinated, functional and cohesive fire protection system designs to meet the routine and unique challenges encountered in various buildings and facilities. JENSEN HUGHES has developed creative fire alarm system design solutions for museums, data centers, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, cultural buildings, aircraft hangars, industrial facilities, office buildings, healthcare facilities, residential facilities and other locations. Solutions can be developed to meet the historic, architectural, aesthetic and/or functional needs of your unique facility.

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