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Audible and Intelligible Notification is Critical for Message Dissemination

Emergency voice communication is dependent on the desired messaging being delivered with a high degree of intelligibility and audibility; e.g., it must be loud enough to be heard and clear enough to be understood.

Emergency voice communication design requires a thorough understanding of audio equipment, acoustics, and applicable codes. JENSEN HUGHES engineers provide the knowledge and experience needed to provide quality design and support services without developing unreasonably complicated systems.

Emergency communication systems encompass both fire alarm and emergency voice alarm communications systems and mass notification systems. The design of these systems requires an intimate understanding of product performance, audio equipment, and acoustics, along with significant experience – all of which JENSEN HUGHES offers.

JENSEN HUGHES has a large number of technical experts capable of providing optimal solutions for audible and intelligible design problems. Providing intelligibility where required while keeping our clients’ needs and economic restrictions in mind sets JENSEN HUGHES apart in the emergency communication design sector.

Capabilities and Tools

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Design_Intellig_AudibilityJENSEN HUGHES’ staff of registered fire protection engineers can determine system performance requirements, produce detailed design drawings and documents, perform manufacturer specific drawings and calculations, and evaluate the installation of audio systems. We have extensive design and construction experience combined with access to the latest industry standard test equipment including intelligibility meters, acoustic analyzers, audibility meters, and impedance meters.  This gives us unique insight into the spacing and performance capabilities of audio, mass notification, and fire alarm equipment.


JENSEN HUGHES provides engineering, support and design solutions for the following:

  • Fire Alarm and/or Mass Notification System Design and Construction Oversight
  • Wide-Area Mass Notification and Indoor Intelligible and Audible Voice Notification
  • Building and Campus Existing Infrastructure Integration
  • Acoustically challenging environments
  • Performance-Based Innovative Audio Solutions
  • Basic Acoustic Modeling
  • Partners with Advanced Acoustic Modeling Capabilities
  • Application of Unique and Innovative Audio and IT Equipment

Innovative Solutions

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Design_Intellig_AudibilityJENSEN HUGHES works with clients to develop coordinated, functional and cohesive life safety system designs to meet the routine and unique challenges encountered in various buildings and facilities and on campuses. JENSEN HUGHES has developed creative audio system design solutions for museums, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, cultural buildings, aircraft hangars, industrial facilities, office buildings, healthcare facilities, residential facilities and other locations. Solutions can be developed to meet the historic, architectural, aesthetic and/or operational needs of your unique facility.

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