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Mass Notification Systems are Critical for Message Dissemination

Mass notification design requires a thorough understanding of the relevant codes and the client’s needs to ensure the system achieves the required capability for the specific application in a reliable manner. Emergency communications systems (ECS) encompass both fire emergency voice alarm communications systems (EVACS) and mass notification systems (MNS).The designs for these systems differ in that for fire EVACS the system must meet a prescribed set of requirements as outlined in NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®. Mass notification systems on the other hand generally require a performance based design approach involving a risk analysis. The established risk for a fire EVACS is obviously fire, a singular risk. Alternatively, a MNS must be integrated into an emergency response plan to be utilized for multiple risks such as weather emergencies, shooter on campus or other risks as determined by the stakeholders who will be responsible for implementing emergency procedures. JENSEN HUGHES engineers meet with the stakeholders to establish a risk analysis matrix to determine the scope of the mass notification system (MNS) design and how it will be incorporated into the emergency response plan (ERP).

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Design_Mass Notification SystemWhether a college or university or business complex, one of the challenges any design must meet is that the messages are delivered effectively, campus wide. JENSEN HUGHES engineers work closely with the stakeholders to ensure the message templates meet their needs and then design the MNS to ensure they are delivered effectively and on time throughout the campus setting using multiple layers of notification means and methods.

In order for JENSEN HUGHES to develop an effective MNS for our clients, we strive to integrate campus wide MNS performance based solutions that not only ensure compliance with NFPA 72 but will be cost effective and reliable.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers ensure that all MNS and fire EVACS designs will meet both the audibility and intelligibility requirements of NFPA 72, as well as ensuring a performance based approach to universal design and meeting or exceeding ADA requirements.  We perform condition assessments or gap analyses to assess existing alarm systems, public address systems, and IT infrastructure to determine the most cost-effective solutions to meet the client’s MNS needs.

JENSEN HUGHES engineers also ensure the MNS command center and its back-up design and operation will meet the needs established by the stakeholders in the risk analysis and ERP development. JENSEN HUGHES offers the most experienced engineers to serve your fire EVACS and MNS design needs. JENSEN HUGHES engineers participate in the code process for these systems and have written the first book on MNS design titled Designing Mass Notification Systems – A Pathway to Effective Communications, published by the National Fire Protection Association.


Picture_Section 2 - Services_Design_Mass Notification SystemJENSEN HUGHES staff of registered fire protection engineers can determine system performance requirements, produce detailed design drawings and documents, perform manufacturer specific drawings and calculations, and evaluate the installation of systems. JENSEN HUGHES engineers have extensive design and construction experience.  Our design capabilities include code based prescriptive designs, technically advanced performance-based designs, and manufacturer specific shop drawings. Our engineers and technicians make every effort to be intimately knowledgeable with the industry’s cutting edge equipment. Cutting edge system knowledge ranges from wireless and wired systems, fire alarm proprietary and industrial networks, and all major fire alarm and mass notification systems in the industry.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers are actively involved in the development process for many of the fire protection system codes and standards. This knowledge and experience allows JENSEN HUGHES to prepare accurate, cost effective, state-of-the-art system designs.


JENSEN HUGHES provides the following engineering, support and design solutions:

  • Detailed Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Fire Alarm and/or Mass Notification System Design and Construction Oversight
    • Seamlessly Integrated with existing building systems
    • Wide-Area Mass Notification
    • Indoor Intelligible Voice Notification
    • Distributed Recipient Mass Notification
    • Visual and Textual Notification Solutions
    • Building and Campus Existing Infrastructure Integration
    • Wireless outdoor solutions
    • Acoustically challenging environments
  • Manufacturer Specific Shop Drawing Design for Most Manufacturers
  • Performance Based Innovative Audio and Visual Solutions
    • Acoustic Modeling
    • Application of Unique and Innovative Audio, Video, and IT Equipment

Innovative Solutions

Picture_Section 3 - Services_Design_Mass Notification SystemJENSEN HUGHES works with clients to develop coordinated, functional and cohesive life safety system designs to meet the routine and unique challenges encountered in various buildings and facilities and on campuses. JENSEN HUGHES has developed creative mass notification system design solutions for museums, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, cultural buildings, aircraft hangars, industrial facilities, office buildings, healthcare facilities, residential facilities and other locations. Solutions can be developed to meet the historic, architectural, aesthetic and/or operational needs of your unique facility.

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