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Sustainability has become an increasingly important aspect of modern design.

The use of innovative, green technology often results in unusual building features which may not be addressed by prescriptive building codes and may present challenges to the fire protection design. JENSEN HUGHES has the expertise to evaluate these conditions to ensure code compliance for projects incorporating sustainable design features.

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Specialized Fire Protection Design For Sustainable Building Features

When prescriptive codes do not address your building’s unique design features, JENSEN HUGHES offers a range of services to obtain design approval, including development of alternative design approaches, code equivalencies and variances; performance-based design; and negotiations with code officials.

  • Smoke exhaust and natural ventilation requirements
  • Protection of skylights, light wells, curtain walls, and exterior shading systems
  • Fire safety impact of sustainable building materials
  • Protection of underfloor air distribution systems (UFAD)
  • Maintaining fire department building access
  • Use of reclaimed water for fire protection
  • Use of non-water, or limited-water extinguishing systems

Early Coordination is Essential

Addressing the fire protection and code implications of sustainable design features early in the design process is critical to identifying and resolving potential problems or issues. JENSEN HUGHES works closely with the design team to ensure that all aspects of the design comply with applicable fire safety and building code provisions.

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