JENSEN HUGHES supports clients with developing emergency planning, response and management plans and programs.

In the past, emergency planning was typically limited to some fairly specific cases. However today’s business, political, environmental and social conditions are pushing virtually everyone to some level of emergency planning.  This includes traditional emergency response and planning practices, such as building evacuations and protection of buildings and contents, as well as extensive and intricate strategies that will assist in business continuity, records protection, emergency communications, people movement and management, identification of emergency response needs, training for occupants and personnel and a host of other aspects that will aid in responding to even unexpected conditions.

JENSEN HUGHES understands the breadth and depth of emergency planning needs, and helps clients understand and integrate planning and management aspects, including responses for the various conditions of concern.  There are a wide range of ways that JENSEN HUGHES can assist clients ranging from local governments to small business owners in developing emergency management frameworks and plans tailored to their specific needs.  While JENSEN HUGHES can support all aspects of emergency planning and management, specific topics where we have specialized talents include:

  • Emergency & Mass Notification Systems
  • Emergency Response Plans: Development and Evaluation
  • Egress & Crowd Movement Modeling
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Response Readiness

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