Emergency Response Preparedness

JENSEN HUGHES’ experience with emergency response planning goes beyond the fundamental planning steps and integration and includes plans developed with some of the largest and most unique operations in the world. That experience gives our clients access to a wide variety of approaches and considerations that might not otherwise be available to them.

Emergency planning within the business community has changed with new understandings of how natural, man-made and socially-influenced emergencies can affect personnel and customer safety, the environment, property and business continuity. Establishing and maintaining emergency response plans, as part of a larger emergency management program, are to ensuring that programmatic safety levels are achieved.  Portions of such plans include, but are not limited to:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Pre-Incident Planning (also known as pre-fire plans, pre-plans or response plans)
  • Ongoing Training
  • Drill and Exercises

Emergency Response Plan Development and Evaluation

Emergency response plans outline the steps necessary for both internal and external groups to achieve the level of safety desired by the client. Often, such plans include only the immediate responses in a fire such as to notify fellow employees, call the fire department and evacuate. A more complete perspective might include responses by responsible management such as to contact national offices, coordinate employee evacuation, establish media interfaces, contact fire departments for utility shutdowns, control ventilation and hazardous materials, or specialized occupant response (e.g., placing equipment in safe conditions, control room operation). Additionally, post-emergency steps could be incorporated to include contacting suppliers and customers, post-emergency cleanup, restoring services, and temporarily transferring operations to other locations.

JENSEN HUGHES will Assist with Hazard Analysis and Planning

JENSEN HUGHES has the knowledge and expertise to help business operators to understand the framework for evaluating hazards and conditions that may impact their operations, supply and delivery chains, employee access or egress and other factors that will both directly and indirectly affect their continuity.  We can help clients build that understanding, and then assist in developing a framework for responding to the conditions of most concern.

Business or operating continuity is one of the more basic perspectives integrated into most business models in the modern day. However, many are developed under specific conditions or with particular conditions in mind, and then are not maintained over time. New conditions can also introduce additional hazards that were not considered in the original development process.  Because of our extensive reach in a variety of industries, processes and programs, JENSEN HUGHES has the ability to effectively assist clients in evaluating their existing emergency response plans and identify recommendations for changes or upgrades.

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