Sustainable Alternatives Achieve Performance, Compliance and Cost Requirements

JENSEN HUGHES engineers have extensive experience in identifying, evaluating, comparing, and selecting alternatives to mitigate the environmental safety and occupational health (ESOH) risks posed by chemical compounds.  Although regulatory pressures may be driving the alternatives analysis, we understand that it is critical to consider the functional, technical, and economic feasibility of alternatives prior to substituting any material or product.  We help our clients to ensure that alternatives meet their unique performance requirements, and we develop business cases to demonstrate the life cycle costs and benefits of each decision.

Areas of Expertise

Picture_Section 1-Services_Sustainability and Pollution Prevention_Alternatives Identification and EvaluationJENSEN HUGHES employs renowned subject matter experts in the ESOH effects of a variety of products, including paint systems, surface coatings, solvents, fire suppressants, refrigerants, explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, consumer products, and many others.  We leverage our wealth of knowledge in these markets to recommend integrated solution sets for clients in need of sustainable alternatives.

Alternatives Analysis Method

Picture_Section 2-Services_Sustainability and Pollution Prevention_Alternatives Identification and EvaluationJENSEN HUGHES engineers help our clients to keep ahead of changing regulations and to lead broad market shifts by adopting alternatives that are not only compliant but low risk and truly sustainable.  Our alternatives analysis may recommend removing or reducing the amount of chemical contained in a product; reformulating or replacing a product to eliminate the use of a chemical; redesigning the manufacturing process, engineering controls, and administrative controls associated with a product to reduce the risk of chemical release or exposure; or any combination of the above.  Once an alternative proves to be viable, we help to drive the revision of relevant military, federal, commercial, and industry codes, specifications, and standards to incorporate the appropriate ESOH criteria and to prevent the market from reverting to non-compliant and unsustainable products.

Making a Business Case

Picture_Section 3-Services_Sustainability and Pollution Prevention_Alternatives Identification and EvaluationWe develop strong business cases to inform critical management decisions.  Our engineers have prepared and successfully defended business case analyses for a wide variety of alternatives, including several multi-million dollar material substitution efforts for the U.S. military.  Not only do we weigh the quantitative life cycle costs and benefits of each alternative in comparison to the status quo, but we also account for qualitative factors that are equally important to our clients’ decision-making process.

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