Code Analysis and Design Review

JENSEN HUGHES offers a full range of building and fire code consulting services designed to fit the needs of developers, owners, and architects. Code consulting services are vital components to providing the occupants of all buildings, both public and private, with a safe environment that meets today’s standards. JENSEN HUGHES not only covers all applicable codes and design features; we also meet the challenges of aesthetics, functionality, and cost efficiency.

Traditional code compliance sets the prescriptive criteria for a baseline level of safety which, for many clients, is a perfect fit for their fire protection needs. Our engineers have the ability to help clients achieve this level of safety and also to incorporate special design features where strict code compliance may not provide the most appropriate design solution. Our in-depth code knowledge and experience allows us to resolve the toughest code issues. Through equivalencies, alternate methods, or performance-based analyses and designs, we are able to capture the essential needs of the client while meeting the intent of code compliance.

Code Compliance Reports and Fire Safety Plans

JENSEN HUGHES develops Engineering Reports to summarize the applicable building and fire safety criteria for a project and to clearly demonstrate compliance with the codes. These reports streamline the design process and help ensure that appropriate fire safety features are incorporated into the design. The Code Report is a valuable tool to summarize the results of plan reviews, identify potential compliance issues and alternative approaches, present proposed design approaches for review by the authorities having jurisdiction, and document decisions made during the design process.

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Code Consulting_Fire Safety PlansTo facilitate regulatory review and approval, JENSEN HUGHES prepares detailed Fire Safety Plans to clearly illustrate the design intent and demonstrate compliance with applicable code requirements. The Fire Safety Plans summarize applicable code criteria and show key means of egress and fire-rated construction features, including occupant load and exit capacity calculations, exit access paths and travel distances, occupancy and other fire separation requirements, smoke and fire zone boundaries, methods of vertical opening protection, horizontal exiting zones, exit discharge locations, and hazardous materials control areas.

Representation Services

JENSEN HUGHES addresses regional or national issues that require special attention from the codes and standards community.  We introduce and coordinate acceptance of sound, technically-based language revisions and work with building owners, manufacturers and technical committees to establish appropriate levels of fire safety.  JENSEN HUGHES assists a wide variety of clients in presenting their cases to code-making bodies through our code representation services.

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