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Cladding and building facade audit evaluations provide building owners with an understanding of risks and safety concerns associated with their building, so they can make informed decisions about whether improvements are necessary to protect and safeguard their facilities. JENSEN HUGHES can conduct cladding and facade fire risk evaluations for buildings of most any height or type of exterior finish.

We begin by evaluating the fire properties of existing building cladding through sampling and testing. This allows us to quantify risk on buildings with moderate to highly combustible cladding to determine if replacement is necessary. Through our analysis and testing process, we then identify methods for reducing the risk of exterior cladding fires in low to high-rise buildings and work with our clients to implement risk control or material replacement strategies.

Our experts have extensive experience in evaluating a variety of cladding and facade materials, including Composite Metal Panels (MCM), Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM), timber, plastic, vinyl, glass, fiber cement, and other composites.

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Building Facade Audit Evaluation Services

JENSEN HUGHES has been involved with the inspection, testing, and analysis of exterior cladding for over 30 years. Our experts have been instrumental in the development of fire test standards and methodologies, and have performed hundreds of audits and testing of cladding systems. Utilizing our in-house fire testing laboratories and our network of international laboratories enables us to facilitate large scale testing for large quantity portfolios and unique facilities.

We typically perform the following services when analyzing a building:

Review As-Built Documentation

Our experts will review contractor’s approved as-built drawings and manufacturer’s data sheets to determine if documentation exists for installed cladding materials and thermal barrier systems. If no fire testing documentation is available, we will perform testing of building facade samples to determine flammable properties of cladding and thermal barrier systems.

Sample Collection

Buildings are surveyed to identify locations for removing cladding samples. Once sample locations are identified, specifications for removal of sample panels by the owner’s contractor and replacement of panels to restore the building facade are prepared. JENSEN HUGHES will witness and document removal of samples to preserve chain of custody for testing.

Perform Small Sample Fire Testing

Small scale laboratory testing is conducted to determine combustibility of cladding components. Tests are performed to simulate various exposure conditions. Thermal insulation and other materials used in interstitial spaces of facade assemblies will also be tested for combustibility. JENSEN HUGHES will prepare a laboratory test report documenting our findings.

Risk Analysis

We will analyze test results and perform a risk analysis to determine possible remediation or risk control options. Meet with the client to review our test documentation and risk analysis report.

Remediation Plan

We identify additional testing for samples having high combustibility to determine net effect of existing facade assembly. Upgrades are then designed by our qualified fire protection engineers and facade structural team and documentation is prepared for presentation to building authorities for approval of remediation plan or to confirm non combustibility of existing facade.

Repair and Re-CommissionInsulation Of Facades

We review shop drawing for partial or full replacement of facade materials. Small scale sample testing of contractor’s submitted replacement cladding product is performed. JENSEN HUGHES will witness large-scale testing of replacement facade materials and systems and provide construction oversight by a qualified fire protection engineer and structural team.

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