We Know the Codes Because We Help Create Them

JENSEN HUGHES has earned a reputation as a trusted expert among regulators, legislators, and inspectors. As members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the International Code Council (ICC), and other regulatory organizations, our engineers actively participate in the development of building and fire safety requirements. More importantly, we understand the code requirements and the intent and objectives of the code. Our engineers work with clients and the code authorities to resolve code issues by finding a proper balance between strict code compliance and performance-based solutions, providing an acceptable level of fire safety and ensuring cost-effective, constructible solutions.

Code Challenges

Building and fire codes present many challenges, both in terms of interpretation and application to specific project designs. JENSEN HUGHES’ in-depth knowledge and participation iPicture_Section 1 - Services_Code Consulting_Code Challengesn the code development process, and our background in fire testing and modeling, allow us to resolve even challenging code issues. Through plan review and coordination, our engineers work closely with clients to ensure that code requirements are clearly understood and that they are properly applied to the project. Where strict code-compliance may not be feasible or appropriate, we can develop equivalencies and alternative design approaches to help preserve the design intent while achieving an acceptable degree of fire safety. JENSEN HUGHES’ experience and code knowledge allow us to successfully represent our clients’ designs to code authorities.

Common Code Issues

The codes address a wide range of building and fire safety issues that are commonly misinterpreted or misapplied. JENSEN HUGHES can clarify the code requirements and assist with incorporating the requirements into specific design applications.

  • Use and occupancy classification
  • Mixed-use and occupancy conditions
  • Construction type and materials
  • Exterior fire exposure
  • Fire / smoke separations
  • Protection of atria and vertical openings
  • Fire protection system requirements
  • Means of egress requirements
  • Fire department access

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