Emergency Preparedness Planning

During the emergency preparedness phase, preparation of the emergency response plan is the key step in the process, followed by training of emergency responders. Our experts provide consultation for emergency response plan development that includes emergency response team organization and training, pre-incident planning, developing programmatic and emergency action procedures, program evaluation, and capabilities assessments. JENSEN HUGHES staff include not only experienced engineers, but former facility emergency managers, fire department personnel, and emergency responders skilled in the development of emergency response plans. We work with municipal and industrial operations groups and emergency response teams and municipal fire departments to perform and document pre-incident planning.

Once the emergency response plan is finalized, training is an important aspect of making sure facility personnel can respond to events. We can facilitate table-top training exercises and mock events to enhance the training. On-line coursework can also readily be provided via JENSEN HUGHES Academy.

Preparedness Phase Services

During the preparedness phase, our experts develop various programs including:

Emergency Response Plans
  • JENSEN HUGHES ensures that a hazard and risk assessment has been performed to identify the threats for which response plans need to be developed. Standard operating procedures and emergency action procedures are developed to respond to each threat.
  • Emergency response plans outline the necessary pre-incident planning actions and time critical actions that must be taken during the emergency event.
  • Post-event planning may also be evaluated to determine the necessary actions to document and learn from the event and identify the resources needed for clean-up and recovery.
Program Development
  • Our engineers assist local emergency operations groups, response teams, and fire departments in evaluating staff organization, on-site and off-site response capabilities, programmatic procedures, and equipment needs.
  • We review program elements for staff ability to implement and develop training requirements as necessary to ensure the success of the staff in meeting the goals of the program.
  • JENSEN HUGHES consultants have extensive experience in developing customized training programs that will meet the specific needs of an organization.
  • Our training programs are specific to each type of environment and include critical information on a variety of security topics including awareness, communication, incident response, emergency/crisis planning, business continuity, and risk assessment.
  • Information is presented to the client using a variety of methods such as training-the-trainer, on-site and off-site class instruction, and on-line via our JENSEN HUGHES Academy platform.
Drills and Exercises
  • Our staff are experienced in running a wide variety of drills and exercises to validate elements of the emergency planning process.
  • We have the capability of running limited table-top exercises for emergency managers as well as full-scale exercises involving emergency responders.
  • Our firm has the capability of providing a full suite of data acquisition options.

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