JENSEN HUGHES is well-versed in ambient air and meteorological monitoring issues, whether it be analyzing and interpreting historical data or deploying a new monitoring network to obtain current data. We use EPA guidance to design and site both ambient and meteorological monitors. We have extensive experience analyzing monitoring data, particularly in the context of regulations. Highlights from some monitoring projects our team has worked on are given below.

Monitoring Service Offerings

  • Ambient Air Monitoring for Criteria Pollutants
  • Ambient Air Monitoring for Air Toxics
  • Meteorological Monitoring
  • Audits of Monitoring Equipment
  • Data Review/Analysis
  • Regulatory Interpretation


Dubai Urban Air Toxics Study

  • Air toxics (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and perchloroethylene)
  • Conducted for Dubai Municipality, Dubai, UAE

Ambient Air Monitoring for Port Lekki in Nigeria

  • SO2, NO2, PM10, and CO
  • Baseline assessment for port being built near Lagos, Nigeria

Lead Monitoring for Battery Recycling Facility in Pennsylvania

  • Reviewed ambient lead monitoring network data
  • Testimony and litigation support

Meteorological Monitoring for Oil Refinery in U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Used data from an onsite meteorological tower to design an Intermittent Control Strategy (per Section 325 of the Clean Air Act) to switch to a cleaner fuel when the wind was blowing from a specific direction
  • Project gave refinery additional operational flexibility

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