Often the most challenging environmental permit to obtain these days is the air permit. As the environmental media with the most onerous regulations, obtaining an air quality permit can be the longest-lead item when it comes to environmental permitting, whether it be a new greenfield plant or a modification to an existing one.

JENSEN HUGHES has the experience and the expertise to assist its clients with the nuances of air quality permitting. We know what regulators are looking for in permit applications because we have staff who were once regulators themselves. Our approach to permit application development centers around clear and concise communication. We craft documentation that speaks directly—and only—to the issue at hand, whether it is complying with regulatory requirements, responding to agency communication, or drafting permit conditions. To cloud the issue with frivolous information only invites opportunity for unnecessary questions and delays.

Here’s how we approach the three stages of obtaining an air quality permit application:

  • Pre-Application: we work with the client to design a “permittable” plant (this includes engineering work and ultimately dispersion modeling to ensure that the facility proposed to the regulators is one that can be permitted)
  • Application: based on our experience as regulators we prepare an application that leads the regulator through the proposed project, giving them what they need but not cluttering the application with unnecessary details
  • Post-Application: again calling on our experience as regulators, we work with the permitting authority on behalf of our clients to put enforceable conditions in the permit that enable the regulator to ensure compliance with applicable regulations while at the same time balancing the “reasonableness” of those conditions with our client’s operations

Some of the activities related to air quality permitting that we perform include the following:

  • Emissions Inventory Development
  • State Construction Permits
  • Federal NSR/PSD Permits
  • Operating Permits (Title V)

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