The concept of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) began in the 1960s in the United States. Since that time the practice of conducting EIAs in various forms has reached all corners of the globe. Today, whether it be in the context of the Equator Principles, or in response to a local regulation, or simply good environmental stewardship, the proliferation of EIAs has played a large role in improving the state of the environment throughout the world.

JENSEN HUGHES applies its environmental expertise throughout the world in support of EIAs. Across different industrial sectors and across different geographical areas, our team of engineers, meteorologists, and scientists help clients develop and execute EIAs. Our EIA work has been through lending institutions as well as Engineering Procurement Construction companies, and we have also partnered with firms to add our specialized services to theirs, especially when it comes to air quality modeling and monitoring.

A sampling of EIA projects we have worked on:

Air Quality Modeling and Monitoring for Port in Nigeria

  • Conducted air quality modeling for pre- and post-construction conditions associated with proposed port in Nigeria
  • Designed and installed air quality monitoring network at project site to address baseline air and noise quality
  • Supported EIA required by lending institutions and Nigerian regulations

Air Quality Modeling for large public development in Saudi Arabia

  • Conducted air quality modeling for $80 billion public development along Red Sea
  • Included impacts from nearby major industries as well as proposed future industrial facilities
  • Supported EIA required by lending institutions

Air Quality Modeling for Sugar Refinery in Bahrain

  • Conducted air quality modeling of a proposed Sugar refinery in Bahrain
  • Analyzed impacts throughout local area as well as specific sensitive receptors
  • Supported EIA required by Bahrain regulations

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