JENSEN HUGHES specializes in material and process assessments. We evaluate the environmental, safety and health (ESH) hazards associated with chemicals used in our clients’ mission critical materials and processes, and we recommend alternatives that enable our clients to comply with regulations, achieve sustainability goals and reduce overall ESH risk. We employ renowned subject matter experts in the ESH impacts of a variety of product lines, including paint systems, surface coatings, solvents, fire suppressants, firefighting foams, refrigerants, explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, consumer products, and many others. We leverage our wealth of knowledge in these markets to recommend integrated solution sets and support their implementation every step of the way. Our approach has three interrelated aspects: regulatory analysis, chemical risk assessment, and alternatives identification and evaluation.

Services Offerings

Regulatory Analysis

  • Review, analyze, and forecast changes to ESH regulations affecting client business operations
  • Engage proactively in the rulemaking process to ensure that regulators make well-informed decisions and that our clients have time to prepare for potential changes to their operations

Chemical Risk Assessment

  • Assess ESH risks posed by chemical compounds and make recommendations to manage those risks
  • Evaluate the severity of the hazard and the probability of exposure associated with materials and processes to manage risk to an acceptable level
  • Identify where data gaps exist in the profile of individual chemicals or products and recommend options to generate the necessary data

Alternatives Identification and Evaluation

  • Identify, evaluate, compare and select alternatives to mitigate ESH risks posed by chemicals
  • Ensure that alternatives meet unique client performance requirements, and develop business cases to demonstrate the life cycle costs and benefits of each decision
  • Keep ahead of changing regulations and lead broad market shifts by recommending alternatives that are not only compliant but low risk and truly sustainable
  • Help to drive revision of relevant codes and specifications to incorporate appropriate criteria and to prevent the market from reverting to unsustainable products

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