Software for the Design and Analysis of Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems

In the early 1990s, the phaseout of halons and the rapid introduction of a wide range of halocarbon-based fire suppression agents necessitated the development of a flexible, theoretically based engineering model of the two-phase flow behavior in piping.  JENSEN HUGHES responded to this need and developed clean agent flow calculation software capable of predicting single-phase (gas or liquid) and two-phase (gas and liquid) flow.

The software has been used successfully for many of the NFPA 2001 clean agents, including a number of halocarbons (FK-5-1-12, HFC-227ea, HFC-125, HFC-23, HFC-236fa, FC-2-1-8, FC-3-110, HCFC Blend A) and inert gases (argon, nitrogen, IG-541, IG-55), as well as CO2.  We continue to enhance the capabilities of the software by including new agents and expanding the design capabilities.

AgentCalcs versions are available for a range of halocarbon and inert gas agents. Versions for other agents can be provided, so please feel free to contact us if you do not see the agent of interest.  Currently available versions include:

  • HFC-227ea – 25 and 42 bar
  • FK-5-1-12 – 25 and 42 bar
  • HFC-125 – 25 and 42 bar
  • HFC-23
  • IG-01
  • IG-100
  • IG-55
  • IG-541
  • High Pressure CO2

Since its release in the 1990s, the capabilities of the software have been continuously improved and expanded. System input is made via an advanced Windows-based user interface that allows users to quickly enter system information.  One of the unique features of our software is its ability to draw the pipe layout in the “Isometric” screen.  All node numbering Picture_Section 1 - Services_Risk and Hazards Analysis_Modeling_AgentCalcsis automated and updated if the piping arrangement is changed, which is easily accomplished with the cut-copy-paste feature. Full reports documenting all system inputs and the required outputs are available for submittal to approving authorities.  These reports can be printed or exported to PDF format.

JENSEN HUGHES offers several software options, with the highest level of performance being obtained by testing to the requirements of UL and FM. The approval authorities typically witnesses testing and approve the software as part of the equipment manufacturer’s listing. Discharge tests are needed to satisfy the requirements of UL and FM; however, this testing results in the widest possible design limits.  These limits include percent agent in pipe, tee split ratios, arrival and runout time imbalances, and minimum and maximum fill densities.  As part of this process, the software is customized to the client’s specifications.  The client’s hardware (i.e., cylinders, valves, discharge hoses, pipe types, nozzles) is made available to the user through a series of drop-down lists.  If the client has specific design practices, these are integrated into the software as well.  Finally, the corporate image of the client is incorporated into the software, including logos, icons, and color schemes.

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