Predicting airborne movement of toxic, explosive, or otherwise hazardous materials is important to ensuring public safety

Classical dispersion modeling uses simplistic assumptions that while satisfying regulations may or may not achieve the desired level of public safety and efficient allocation of resources. Use of advanced modeling tools (i.e. CFD) can fully account for wind, terrain, and the presence of other structures.  Detailed predictions can be made on hazards including dose contours and volumes of gases within deflagration or detonation limits.

Exhaust Stack Placement

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Risk and Hazards Analysis_Modeling_Dispersion ModelingSite restrictions can preclude large separations between supply and exhaust air stacks.  Dispersion modeling can predict the level of contaminants over a site and determine permissible locations for supply stacks based on dilution of exhaust flows.  JENSEN HUGHES used CFD to model wind flows for the air supply for the World Trade Center complex underground parking areas (shown)

Hazards from Flammable Gas ReleasesPicture_Section 2 - Services_Risk and Hazards Analysis_Modeling_Dispersion Modeling

Alternative transportation fuels come with the potential for the large scale release of flammable gases.  Dispersion modeling can determine the potential sizes of explosions or fireballs that result from a range of accident scenarios.  These can be used to determine siting requirements and the parameters for fire protection systems or resistive construction.

Vehicle Exhaust

JENSEN HUGHES has used CFD modeling to determine if supplemental ventilation is needed in roadway tunnels, partially enclosed roadways, parking garages, and vehicle security inspection areas to vent carbon monoxide (CO) present in vehicle exhaust.

Picture_Section 3 - Services_Risk and Hazards Analysis_Modeling_Dispersion Modeling

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