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JENSEN HUGHES provides civil-structural analysis & design services. We have extensive experience in the evaluation of buildings, structures, and mechanical/electrical systems for the effects of extreme loads resulting from both natural and man-made phenomena. In addition, our Project Management capabilities are so exceptional that some utilities have retained us to train their other vendors. Our dedicated Project Management teams develop complete Engineering Change (EC) packages from design through implementation. Our skill sets includes the linear / nonlinear analysis, design of steel, concrete, and masonry structures.
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Civil-Structural Services Include:

  • Linear/Nonlinear design and analysis of steel, concrete, and masonry structures for natural and man-made phenomena hazards
  • Advanced 3D FEM capabilities for systems, structures, and components (SSC) analysis and soil-structure interaction (SSI) response analysis
  • Post-Fukushima-related services including seismic / tornado fragility analysis for probabilistic risk assessments (PRA)
  • Expert consultation in experience-based methods and equipment qualification
  • License extension renewal support including independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI), structures monitoring, and spent fuel pool (SFP) assessments
  • Design-basis threat evaluation and design for blast / vehicular impact as well as surveillance / detection SSC installation
  • Decommissioning support including ISFSI consulting

Linear / Non-Linear Analysis and FEM

JENSEN HUGHES routinely performs Finite Element Model (FEM) for complex SSC. Static and dynamic evaluations include nonlinear methods for pressure transients, blast, fluid, and natural phenomena loads. JENSEN HUGHES’ stable of QA verified codes includes ANSYS™, ADINA™, GTSTRUDL™, PDSTRUDL™, SAP2000™ and in-house codes SPECTRA™ and EDASP™.

Extreme Load Design

JENSEN HUGHES is a world-renowned consulting firm in analysis and design for natural and man-made phenomena hazards for SSC. Services range from analyzing and designing SSC for seismic, wind, and pressure loadings to developing computer models and performing dynamic response analysis.
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Control and Intermediate Buildings – ANSYS™ Model

Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis

JENSEN HUGHES has been at the forefront of SSI analysis for over 25 years, having conducted safety-related analyses for numerous clients and for design basis applications using the SASSITM and EKSSITM codes. JENSEN HUGHES maintains and markets these codes throughout the world for resale with QA validation and verification.

Seismic + External Hazard Probabilistic Risk Assessment

JENSEN HUGHES has highly experienced consultants in the field of seismic and external hazard PRA. We actively provide these services around the world on an ongoing basis. Our firm has performed more seismic PRAs and teaching seminars than any firm in the United States and maintains the same staff who performed work for individual plant examination of external events (IPEEE) in the 1990s. In addition to SPRAs, we also perform Seismic Margin Assessments (SMA) in compliance with IPEEE requirements.
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Steel, Concrete, and Masonry Design

JENSEN HUGHES provides structural design services to numerous clients with complete capabilities ranging from initial analysis to plant modifications to complete building design services and professionally sealed design drawings to conform to national and state codes.

Design Basis Threat

JENSEN HUGHES implemented site 10CFR73 design basis threat (DBT) engineering projects from the conceptual design phase through on-site construction management. Areas of expertise include detailed blast analysis, design of vehicle barriers and blast/bullet-resistant enclosures, missile impact, and surveillance/detection SSC integration and installation.

Vibration Testing and Monitoring

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With its mobile laboratory of testing equipment, JENSEN HUGHES performs low impedance, modal testing to establish characteristic frequencies and mode shapes and operating deflected shapes for rotating equipment as well as vibration to determine problematic vibration levels. We provide analysis services and remedial designs using our own codes: PCMODAL, PCODS, and PCMONITOR.

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