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JENSEN HUGHES provides complete co-sourced engineering and risk-informed applications. Our co-sourced services provide sustainable engineering functions that are more effectively maintained by an organization who provides these services as part of their core business. These co-sourced services help utilities avoid hiring directly and alleviate the burdens of training and paying benefits for resources that are only partially utilized. Our resources are 100% utilized for our clients, and JENSEN HUGHES can respond to changes in resource needs quickly by maintaining a large pool of trained, qualified resources resulting in cost savings for our clients.

Co-Sourcing capabilities, experience and benefits:

  • Co-Sourcing the functional areas of PRA, Fire Protection, Design Engineering, Programs and QA/Oversight
  • Co-Sourcing Options
    • Full Outsourcing
    • Hybrid Co-Source Model – Outsource some capability, retain some capability
    • Preferred Specialty Services provider – Outsource specific services
  • Over 15 years of experience with utilities like Exelon
  • Reduced resources – For example, self-sufficient PRA utilities require 5-10 FTEs per unit, whereas Co-Sourcing requires ~ 3-5 FTE per unit
  • Eliminates recruiting and training of specialty personnel
  • Provides a career path that is not available within a utility
  • Immediate access to expertise on an as-needed basis
  • Rapid response to emergent issues
  • Improved consistency across fleets
  • No overtime charges, billing limited to 40hrs/week/engineer regardless of hours worked to complete required tasks

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