+ Multi-discipline Engineering support for continuing O&M

JENSEN HUGHES has electrical instrumentation and controls (I&C) engineers on staff with extensive electrical I&C design and analysis experience. We fully appreciate that many of our clients’ modifications are driven by electrical needs; yet they require structural and mechanical engineering support we readily provide.  To facilitate these multi-disciplinary design modification projects we have an experienced team of electrical engineers with extensive I&C design and analysis experience. Our electrical I&C engineers work the full range from set point calculations to high voltage electrical distribution design and analysis.

Electrical I&C and Multi-Disciplinary services include:

  • Electrical equipment qualification by testing, analysis, similarity, and experience-based techniques.
  • Relay assessment services including list generation, functional and seismic screening, and circuit chatter evaluations.
  • AC/DC distribution (STAP, CAPTOR, EDSA) obsolescence alternatives, post-trip / root-cause analysis.
  • Instrument loop calculations, set points, DCS, Digital upgrades, protective relaying.

Electrical Equipment Qualification

JENSEN HUGHES provides seismic / environmental qualification services for all types of electrical equipment by testing, analysis, similarity, and experience-based techniques. JENSEN HUGHES has the expertise to review seismic test plans and reports as well as to witness and provide technical interface with testing activities for our clients. We have membership in the IEEE SC-2 Subcommittee on Equipment Qualification and the IEEE 344 and IEEE 323 working groups. We are also proficient at in-situ modal testing for mode shapes as well as anchorage analysis and design.

Relay Assessment

Our in-house electrical specialists—working in tandem with our structural-mechanical team—are adept at the development and screening of full-scope relay lists for Post-Fukushima, SPRA, or Q-list applications. For seismic purposes, screening capabilities include relay/device seismic capacity analyses, functional or chatter circuit evaluations, and minimal risk contributor identification.

Electrical Engineering

JENSEN HUGHES prepares design change packages (DCP) rooted in electrical power and control system design and analysis. We are proficient in:

  • Equipment obsolescence and upgrades for exciters, voltage regulators, transformers, generators, battery chargers, inverters, switchgear, and motor control centers (MCC).
  • Plant and transmission system relaying and protection
  • Digital and analog relay schemes
  • Arc flash analysis per NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584
  • Electrical AC/DC analytical studies of power flow, battery capacity, voltage drop, short circuits, and coordination

To complete the multi-disciplinary DCP effort, JENSEN HUGHES provides conceptual and detailed structural-mechanical engineering and project management support as well as mod-qualified personnel.

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