Expert Analysis and Design Engineering

JENSEN HUGHES has the most comprehensive offering of fire protection engineering services in the world. We performed countless analyses and design modifications. Our fire protection engineers have designed every kind of fire protection feature found in a nuclear power plant. Our engineers have helped design new power plants, and we have helped retrofit existing nuclear power plants. From advanced fire modeling to design to inspection, maintenance, and testing; we offer expert service. No other firm can compete with JENSEN HUGHES in fire protection.

Fire Protection Engineering Services Include:

  • Design – fire barriers, fire detection and alarm systems, fire suppression systems
  • Analysis – testing (we have our own R&D lab and we work with national labs), analysis, risk-based and deterministic techniques, code compliance
  • Software – FP program management automation, safe shutdown analysis automation, penetration seals management
  • Fire Protection Programs – licensing, engineering evaluations, admin controls, procedures, ITM, co-sourcing
  • Fire Risk Analysis – Fire-PRA, fire modeling (basic through advanced CFD models), fire brigade response and admin
  • Licensing – NRC submittals, LARs, exemption / deviation requests

support for projects and operationfire-protection


JENSEN HUGHES designed numerous fire detection system upgrades including the largest upgrade in the industry. Our objective is to minimize field change requests so we involve operations and construction in our design endeavors. We minimize cost to the client by re-using as much as possible to achieve the desired objective of the system upgrade.

We designed countless fire suppression systems for transformers, cable trays, hazardous areas, flammable/combustible liquid storage areas and tanks.  JENSEN HUGHES has also corrected designs that were not constructible or failed to meet acceptance testing requirements. We have been told by client executives that our designs were the best they had ever seen.

Programs and Analysis

Each operating nuclear power plant is required to have a fire protection program that satisfies 10 CFR 50.48 and General Design Criterion 3.  A fire protection program at a nuclear power plant touches many departments and disciplines.  Programmatic elements include:

  • Design
  • Hazards Analysis
  • Combustible and Ignition Source Control
  • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Surveillance Procedures
  • Fire Brigade Administration
  • Program Documents
  • Fire Protection Program Change Evaluations and Regulatory Reviews
  • Training Development and Deployment

The JENSEN HUGHES’ team is uniquely qualified to assist with all aspects of your fire protection programmatic needs. Our analysis, NFPA 805  and licensing experience, coupled with our software tools gives us the ability to develop every aspect of a fire protection program.

We developed or supported nearly every fire protection program in the U.S. industry. We can analyze any and all aspects covered under your fire protection program, and we will help you allocate resources to the areas that will provide the most benefit.

Training and Fire Pre-Plans

Pre-planning and training are critical to a successful fire protection program.  JENSEN HUGHES is an industry leading full service fire protection consulting company that is uniquely qualified to assist the power industry in all aspects of preparation and response to fire related emergencies.  Our emergency response program services include:

  • Standard Operating Procedure Review & Development
  • Training Program Evaluation
    • Complete Training Program Development
    • Lesson Plan Development
    • Classroom and Field Training
  • Pre-Fire Planning
    • Generation Facilities
    • Substations
  • Fire Response Support for Fires Involving Oil Insulated/Cooled Transformers
  • Rapid Response Kits to Support Transformer Fire Response
  • Cost Benefit for Brigade Make-up and Overall Business Impact

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