ASME Code Expert Engineering

JENSEN HUGHES has a high degree of specialization and expertise in the design and analysis of nuclear piping and piping support systems as well as vessels, tanks, and heat exchangers. Our staff provides excellent project management facilitating dedicated teams to handle complete design change packages from conceptual design through implementation. We are heavily involved in the Industry Consensus Standard process as active participants in multiple committees for design and qualification (ASME, IEEE, etc.)

Mechanical services include:

  • ASME code expert piping design+analysis for ASME BPVC III, Class 1, 2, 3 and B31.1, B31.3, B31.7 piping modifications
  • ASME BPVC consulting including vessel, tank, and, heat exchanger analysis / design
  • Degraded pipe replacement with HDPE/carbon fiber applications
  • Design for extreme load including fluid transient, seismic, and water / steam hammer loads in addition to HELB assessments
  • Vibration testing / monitoring of equipment and piping systems, including modification design to resolve vibration problems
  • Decommissioning support including ISFSI consulting
  • Component support design and analysis, and snubber reduction programs

ASME Piping Design and AnalysisASME Piping Design and Analysis

JENSEN HUGHES performs ASME Class 1, 2, and 3 Code compliance piping analysis and design for many U.S. nuclear power plants. The services range from modeling dynamic loads (thermal, mechanical (water hammer), pressure, seismic) to full certified design. We are also highly fluent in B31.1/B31.3/B31.7 requirements. We also maintain QA verified codes, including (PIPESTRESS™, ADLPIPE™, CAEPIPE™, PDSTRUDL™, and our own GUIPIPE™).

ASME Boiler + Pressure Vessel Code Consulting

JENSEN HUGHES provides expert ASME code consultation for Sections III, VIII, and XI compliance for piping, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, vessels and other pressure-retaining components . Our senior engineers have certified qualifications in ASME N626.3 and Appendix XXIII. JENSEN HUGHES is also expert in Class CC and MC code compliance. Our personnel participate and sit on numerous ASME Code Committees including the Main Oversight Committee for Section III.

Degraded Pipe Restoration with HDPE and Carbon Fiber Wrap

As principal investigator for EPRI, JENSEN HUGHES pioneered the ASME code-compliant methodology of using HDPE piping to replace corroded and degraded buried steel piping. JENSEN HUGHES authored ASME Code Case N-755 and conducted first-of-a-kind design calculations for replacement of buried piping at a U.S. nuclear station. Our firm is also actively engaged in utilizing carbon fiber wrap as a suitable alternative for large diameter degraded piping where excavation costs are severe.

High Energy Line Break (HELB) Assessments

JENSEN HUGHES performs complete assessments to deter and withstand HELB. With GOTHIC™, RELAP™, and TRACE™, JENSEN HUGHES determines the effects of compartment pressurization, temperature gradients, humidity, jet forces, pipe whip, missiles, and internal flooding. Protective designs against pipe breaks include enhanced capacities of structures, pipe supports, and pipe whip restraints as well as hardening of plant equipment.

Decommissioning Support

We are committed to providing full DECON, SAFSTOR, or ENTOMB strategy decommissioning support. JENSEN HUGHES has extensive experience in the design, analysis, and review of ISFSI casks and supporting structures. We also ran the Dresden Unit 1 Safestor and dry cask storage projects. We have experience through decommissioning from decommissioning plan to approved DSAR to testing and loading spent fuel storage casks.

Mechanical FEM Evaluation

JENSEN HUGHES performs FEM for mechanical components, subcomponents, and fixtures. Static and dynamic analyses include nonlinear methods for pressure transients, blast, fluid, and natural phenomena loads. JENSEN HUGHES’ QA verified codes include ANSYS™, ADINA™, GTSTRUDL™, PDSTRUDL™, SAP2000™ and in-house codes SPECTRA™ and EDASP™.

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