Nuclear Power Plant Deterministic and Risk-Informed Fire Safe Shutdown Analysis

JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians is uniquely qualified to assist nuclear power plant licensees with all aspects of deterministic and risk-informed fire safe shutdown analysis.  We are an industry leader in analysis strategies, methods, and techniques.

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JENSEN HUGHES is equipped to provide engineering analyses for the nuclear industry to include cable selection, detailed circuit failure analysis, circuit failure mode likelihood analysis, electrical distribution power flow, voltage drop, short circuit, arc flash, electrical coordination, code compliance, and overload analysis.

 Industry Leaders

Senior staff are actively involved in the development and update of industry standards, are developers of the Fire PRA training offered by EPRI and NRC, and are leaders of the EPRI/NRC training team.  Our staff has performed fire safe shutdown and circuit analyses at over 80% of the US nuclear fleet.  We also assisted with or are currently assisting with the development of NFPA 805 Transition Projects for the Duke Energy Fleet, Progress Energy Fleet, Florida Power and Light Fleet, Southern Nuclear Fleet, Arkansas Nuclear One, Waterford 3, Diablo Canyon, San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station, and Constellation Energy Fleet.

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Power Systems Related Services_Nuclear Electrical and Systems AnalysisJENSEN HUGHES is dedicated to furthering industry knowledge through participation in key industry groups. JENSEN HUGHES staff are, or have been members of: NFPA Members of the NFPA 805 Committee, NUREG-6850 Writing Group, NEI Circuits Task Force, NFPA 805 Task Force, and Fire PRA Task Force.   JENSEN HUGHES also provided support to EPRI for oversight of cable fire tests, including NEI/EPRI tests, CAROL-FIRE, DESIREE- FIRE, ELECTRA-FIRE, and, JACQUE-FIRE.

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JENSEN HUGHES’ staff are experienced in 10 CFR 50 Appendix R Safe Shutdown Analysis and NFPA 805 Nuclear
Safety Capability Assessments. This includes multiple spurious operations treatment, at-power and non-power operations, variance from deterministic requirements assessments, fire risk evaluations. Staff develop, train on, and apply the most up to date compliance software including the ARCPlusTM software suite, CAFTA, 805 Monitor / Impairment Log, Fire Data Manager, Fire Safety Analysis Data Manager.

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