Exceptional Power Systems Analysis Services that Protect Power Facilities Against Hazards and Risks

Electrical System Evaluation

JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians is well suited to provide electrical power system design and analysis services.  JENSEN HUGHES is equipped to provide engineering analyses including: primary electrical distribution power flow, voltage drop, short circuit, arc flash, electrical coordination, code compliance, motor starting, power quality, and system efficiency.  This typically includes development of system one-line and layout drawings, equipment databases, and an SDSFIE compliant GIS database with accompanying map document for electrical power utilities.

Our team is also knowledgeable with the DoD requirements pertaining to electrical power system design and analysis and have recently completed numerous DoD projects relating to electrical power system analysis, electrical design, electrical design specifications, and electrical design standards.

Primary System Distribution Evaluation

Primary System Distribution EvaluationThe Power Systems Analysis team provides evaluations of electrical systems, including analyses of power flow, voltage drop, short circuit, arc flash, electrical coordination, code compliance, motor starting, power quality, and system efficiency.  Evaluations of primary distribution systems typically include assessments of future system needs and a geographical information system (GIS) map of the electrical system.

Electrical Power System Design Projects

high voltage electrical systemsJENSEN HUGHES’ capability extends from conceptual designs to 100% construction-ready designs.  Systems designs range from primary distribution to low voltage facilities, as well as power plants. Our power system studies set the standard for thorough electrical systems analysis.  Electrical design documents include electrical analyses in support of the design.  A completed electrical model of the new system design is normally provided in support of the detailed design analysis. JENSEN HUGHES’ list of services includes power plant design, primary distribution system underground design, facility engineering, data center power systems, substation coordination and relay settings, primary distribution system optimization, low voltage to high voltage systems, diesel generator systems, UPS systems, battery systems, integration of renewable energy with existing systems, and much more.

Arc Flash AnalysisArc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis has been performed for multiple clients.  JENSEN HUGHES is trained in working in Energized Electrical environments.  Work has been performed on medium and low voltage systems for multiple clients.  Clients include power plants and other large facilities with extensive distribution systems.  All work done by JENSEN HUGHES is IEEE 1584, NFPA 70E, and IEEE C2 Compliant.

United States Military Consulting

JENSEN HUGHES has developed electrical design and analysis criteria for the DoD Army, Navy, and Air Force.  JENSEN HUGHES developed the Air Force analysis criteria for energy security assessments and has validated the criteria at eight AFB.  We also developed the Aurora analysis criteria for the Air Force.  We are acknowledged experts in systems analysis, interior electrical design, exterior electrical design, backup power systems, and battery systems.

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