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JENSEN HUGHES has the most comprehensive offering of risk-informed engineering and applications in the nuclear power industry. We perform countless Probabilistic Risk Assessments (PRA) every year. Our work helps plants save money in terms of increased plant availability, reduced outage duration, reduced direct costs, and maintenance rule applications. We not only apply the technology but also develop the methods and the technology. We help plants realize higher safety equipment reliability, avoid forced shutdowns, remove plant startup constraints shorten, and simplify refueling outages.

JENSEN HUGHES employs the largest and most diverse, risk-informed engineering (RIE) staff supporting the nuclear power industry:

  • Principal developers of PRA methods and technology for over three decades
  • Subject matter experience in full range of hazards and plant operating modes
  • The leader in all modes, all hazards, all sources PRA
  • Thought leaders in the use of PRA in regulatory applications
  • Significant members of industry groups for the development of guidance over the past two decades
  • Successful and precedent-setting applications of PRA methods across the industry

allocate resources to minimize risk

Risk Applications

risk-informed engineering servicesWe supported hundreds of risk-informed regulatory applications in the U.S. including:

  • Risk-Managed Technical Specifications (RITS 4A , 4B AOTs, 5B STIs)
  • Emergent issues (e.g., NOEDs, SDPs)
  • Fire Protection (NFPA 805)
  • SSC Categorization (10CFR50.69)
  • Integrated Leak Rate Test (ILRT) extension
  • Severe Accident Mitigation Alternatives (SAMA)
  • Flooding Protection

We help plants obtain operation benefits resulting in cost reductions. We develop software products that benefit plants including

  • Plant Configuration Risk Management
    • PARAGON® in use in ~25% of U.S. control rooms
  • Risk Communication Tools
    • RISKVIZ, Socializing risk information across the client organization
  • Long-term Software Developer for EPRI
    • DocAssist, FRANX, CBTs on PRA
  • NUPIC Audited Software QA Program

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