PRAs are critical to the safe operation of complex, potentially hazardous facilities

JENSEN HUGHES’ staff are highly experienced in developing Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) methods and software tools and applying these resources in risk assessments for many clients in the industry and government.  This experience began in the early 1970s with the first comprehensive nuclear power plant PRA (the “Reactor Safety Study,” WASH-1400).  Since then, our staff members have established and maintained a dominant role in the use of risk and reliability techniques to enhance the safety and operational performance of complex facilities, such as nuclear power plants, chemical process facilities, and hazardous material storage facilities.

JENSEN HUGHES’ team is leading the industry trend toward developing “living” PRAs and applying these PRA results within the framework of real-world decision-making processes. Our PRA analysts and engineers analyze product or system risk characteristics through the entire life cycle, from concept phase through system operations. We use fully-tested and proven PRA tools and techniques along with extensive libraries of historical operations and failure data to quantitatively derive the probability of occurrence of highly undesirable events or accidents. We are an established worldwide industry leader in risk and reliability assessments and risk-informed technologies.

Our team of skilled professionals have extensive experience in risk assessment, nuclear licensing, engineering analyses, and other areas, needed to support full scope of the PRA and risk-informed applications.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers are adept with a number of PRA tools and models including event tree analysis, fault tree analysis, human reliability analysis, fire risk modeling, risk quantification and results presentation (e.g., CAFTA, SAPHIRE, FRANX, EPRI HRA Calculator).

Picture_Section 1-Services_PRAInternal Events PRA

For decades, our staff has supported nuclear power plants worldwide in development and maintenance of their risk assessment models, addressing:

  • Internal Events PRA; Levels I, II and III
  • Internal Fire and Floods PRA
  • Low-power and Shutdown Risk Analysis

External Hazards PRA

Picture_Section 2-Services_PRAJENSEN HUGHES has teamed with ARES Corporation and other partners to provide full service capability and capacity to address all external hazards, including seismic, external flooding, and high wind. Our experienced team can provide utilities with quality solutions to emerging needs and requirements. These include:

  • Near-Term Task Force Recommendations
  • Generic Issue-199
  • Post-Fukushima requests meeting NRC’s Regulatory Guideline 1.200, Rev. 2 expectations and the ASME/ANS PRA Standard
  • Screening
  • Seismic Margin and PRA
  • External Flooding Analysis and PRA
  • High Wind/Tornado PRA


JENSEN HUGHES provides PRA services covering a broad spectrum of applications and industries including:Picture_Section 3-Services_PRA

  • Existing Nuclear Power Plants
  • Advanced Nuclear Power Plants
  • Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations
  • Uranium Enrichment Facilities
  • Fuel Fabrication Facilities
  • Geological Repositories
  • Nuclear Waste Processing Facilities
  • Defense Nuclear Facilities
  • Petrochemical Facilities

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