Process Safety Management Program Development  –  Safety First!

Whatever your process safety/risk management program needs, JENSEN HUGHES has the experience, capabilities, and personnel to efficiently and effectively assist you in resolving them. We strive for pragmatic solutions to process safety issues that balance your need to continue operating and to comply with regulations.

Picture_Section 1_Process_Services_Risk and Hazards Analysis_Process_Safety_ManagmentThrough state-of-the-art commercial and proprietary modeling programs and experienced practical engineering, we help you attain continuous improvement in your Process Safety Management/Risk Management Program. JENSEN HUGHES has established a well-organized team of professionals who can help you develop, implement, maintain, audit, or improve your process safety management (PSM) program. Having an effective PSM program is an essential part of your loss control strategy.

JENSEN HUGHES personnel have assisted many clients with developing and implementing process safety management (PSM) programs that meet or exceed applicable regulatory or company requirements. Our staff has conducted hundreds of process hazard analysis (PHA) studies and numerous audits of PSM programs. Below you will find the typical elements of a PSM program in which JENSEN HUGHES offers unique assistance:

  • Applicability of the PSM program requirements to your process/facility
  • Process Safety Information
  • Employee Participation
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Operating Procedures
  • Operator Training
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Management of Change and Pre-startup Safety Reviews
  • Contractor Safety
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Audits
  • Incident Investigations
  • Hazard assessment

Process Hazard Analysis

JENSEN HUGHES can provide an experienced team leader to prepare for, lead your team through, and document a process hazard analysis. We provide expertise in process safety or loss prevention to supplement your Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) team. JENSEN HUGHES assists you in developing a system for tracking the resolution of PHA (and other) findings. Additionally, JENSEN HUGHES trains your personnel on how to organize, lead, and document your PHAs internally.


JENSEN HUGHES can provide an audit team to conduct periodic audits of your PSM program. We offer the ability to provide an entire independent team or provide an individual to lead a team of your personnel through the audit.


Training can be provided in any aspect of process safety. Our training capabilities cover the entire realm of process safety topics (e.g., “Overview of Process Safety Management”) or focus on an individual element (e.g., “Process Hazard Analysis Team Leadership”)

Incident Investigations

JENSEN HUGHES has considerable experience working on incident investigations, either as the lead investigator or as part of a team. Training can also be provided for your personnel on conducting effective incident investigations.

Level of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

We can help you develop an approach for analyzing levels of protection or help you perform LOPA on existing projects.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

JENSEN HUGHES personnel help you perform Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analyses, develop a methodology for implementing SIS considerations into your existing PSM program, and help you comply with ISA S84.01 or IEC-61511.

Security Vulnerability Analyses (SVA)

JENSEN HUGHES can assist you with analyzing your security vulnerabilities using the CCPS SVA methodology.

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