Risk informed engineering maximizes the outcome of investments in safetyPicture_Section 1 Risk Informed

JENSEN HUGHES’ engineers have a long history of experience in developing Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) methods and applying our resources in risk assessments for many clients in the industry and government. JENSEN HUGHES is leading the industry trend toward developing “living” PRAs and applying these PRA results within the framework of real-world decision-making processes. Our PRA analysts and engineers analyze product or system characteristics through the entire life cycle, from concept phase through system operations. JENSEN HUGHES provides the necessary PRA, engineering analyses, and licensing resources needed to support risk-informed initiatives. Our team’s experience covers both the development and the implementation phases of these initiatives.

Our Experience

For over a decade, JENSEN HUGHES has supported numerous risk-informed initiatives for nuclear power industry, including:

  • Integrated Leak Rate Testing (ILRT) Interval ExtensionPicture_Section 2 Risk Informed
  • Graded Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Severe Accident Management Analysis (SAMA) for License Renewal
  • In-Service Inspection (ISI)
  • In-Service Testing (IST)
  • Maintenance Rule
  • Risk-Informed Technical Specification Amendments
  • Mitigating Systems Performance Index (MSPI)
  • Risk-Informed Prioritization
  • Significance Determination Process (SDP)
  • Justification for Continued Operation (JCO)

As a leading developer of risk assessment technology for nearly four decades, JENSEN HUGHES will provide the know-how that is necessary for regulatory approval.

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