Structural engineering has evolved from the days when the engineer stood beneath the bridge to prove its integrity. While we are happy to apply our structural engineering trade for our clients regardless of the complexity, it is in the atypical scenarios that we excel.

The JENSEN HUGHES Structural Group has over 70 engineers that are experienced in all aspects of structural engineering.

Our clients include architect-engineers, building owners, power utilities, industrial facilities, federal and state government agencies.

Complex Structural Engineering

JENSEN HUGHES has long-standing experience to address problematic structural concerns including the following:

  • Noise and vibration control
  • Load drop and large strike (e.g., aircraft impact)Risk assessment and risk-informed structural design
  • Soil and fluid-structure interaction analysis for dynamic motion problems
  • Blast analysis and design of structures
  • Progressive collapse analysis
  • Fire effects
  • Forensics & expert testimony
  • Performance-based analysis & design
  • Natural hazard design for earthquake and wind effects (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)

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