While essential components of construction sites, commercial and maritime operations, cranes and other heavy lifting devices are complex, challenging structures in their dynamic interaction with both environmental and human elements. Several safety measures and procedures are currently in place to minimize construction rigging and lift accidents. However, the planning and execution of any heavy lift during construction still poses a significant risk.

JENSEN HUGHES offers a unique combination of structural evaluation with risk insights to properly assess site configurations for tower cranes, mobile cranes, and other heavy lift equipment. We provide this service for all construction types, such as commercial sites with tower and mobile cranes, health care facilities, and industrial facilities.

Our experienced engineers can provide services to assess risks in the crane set-up and operations, and consult on how to integrate safety into these aspects.

Crane and Heavy Lift Assessments

Our consulting services range from performing an independent review and risk assessment of all crane rigging and heavy lift operations to engineering the lift plan and site configuration. Specific review features include:

  • Structural component reliability and crane or lift equipment stability
  • Spatial interference with surrounding buildings, construction equipment, electrical hazards, or underground utilities
  • Rigging operator policies and procedures
  • Crane response to normal and extreme natural hazards

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