With a structure being on fire almost every minute in the US, there is a prevalent need to engineer structures to contain a fire within its original compartment and delay or prevent a structural collapse.

JENSEN HUGHES provides an engineered, performance-based approach towards structural fire safety. The diverse skillset that our engineers, consultants, and scientists is applied to design and evaluate new or existing structure’s performance under any fire scenarios, including those for architecturally exposed steel and use of unique designs or materials that are not covered by or exceed the limits specified by the building codes.

We also provide forensic services to perform structural safety assessments, and determine the extent of the damage and necessary repairs after a fire event.

Structural Assessments for Fire

To assist your effort in enhancing your structure’s safety, in realizing potential cost savings, and in enjoying an increased design flexibility, our team can offer you the following services:

  • Structural fire safety assessment of existing buildings
  • Value engineering to optimize fire protection costs
  • Robust designs to mitigate risk of progressive collapse
  • Coupled fire-thermal-structural analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Product/assembly fire resistance evaluation and qualification testing

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