Code compliance is essential and should during the conceptual design phase

Buildings are designed to various code requirements depending on the jurisdiction. Code compliance starts with the initial conceptual design and continues through the building’s life cycle. Hence, code compliance reviews are recommended during the initial design and at every renovation and/or additions.

JENSEN HUGHES staff has been designing, reviewing and consulting on all aspects of structural and various mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) codes. Our experts have consulted on building designs to ensure code compliance for local and international projects. Clients utilize our expertise because of our understanding of the code requirements, the requirements purpose and intent, and the follow-up support to ensure the recommendations provided are incorporated correctly.

Structural/MEP Code Compliance Assessments

Our structural and MEP code compliance assessments include the following IBC building code checklist reviews following new construction or building modification/addition:

  • Structural Design
  • Plumbing Systems and Fixtures
  • Electrical System and Equipment
  • Mechanical System and Equipment

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