Vibration Testing, Analysis, and Mitigation Assessments

Vibrations and noise can be a detriment to the facility’s mission causing loss of productivity as well as physical damage to facilities, components and in the right settings, people. In our ever more precise work, environments, controlling vibration and noise is becoming a critcally important design feature; be it a micro-device manufacturing facility, laboratory or hospital.
JENSEN HUGHES has over 30 years of experience controlling vibration and sound to manageable levels. This means measuring vibrations, sound, and even electromagnetic fields, with multi-channel signal analyzers to determine the source and apply the correct mitigation strategies. Vibrations and sounds range from microlevels to levels we can feel that may be offensive and destructive.

Vibration and noise services include:

  • Measurement with portable spectrum analyzers including signal processing to display data
  • Modal measurement and analysis to establish natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Computer structural dynamics modeling simulation to understand and predict performance
  • Engineering analysis and design to mitigate vibration, sound and EMI effects

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