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Determination of origin and cause is a primary goal of fire scene investigations

Picture_Section 1-Forensic Services-Origin and CauseThe beginning of most fire analyses involves an understanding of the origin and cause of the fire.  As discussed in NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, the scientific method is employed to collect and synthesize data, develop hypotheses and rigorously test hypotheses to determine an area of origin and cause that is well substantiated by case facts and fire science. JENSEN HUGHES has extensive experience conducting fire investigations involving scene documentation, evidence collection, and burn pattern analysis. Besides scene investigations, expertise in fire science, modeling, and fire research and testing is brought to bear in evaluating different origin and cause hypotheses. Our engineers also have a long history as members of the NFPA 921 technical committee and contributing to the development of the document. Being on the forefront of fire science has allowed us to provide significant advancements to origin and cause analyses by improving the fundamental scientific understanding and practical forensic tools used to evaluate origin and cause scenarios.

JENSEN HUGHES manages an extensive variety of both basic and applied forensic studies to develop fundamental understanding of fire dynamics, pattern formation and damage assessment as well as to develop practical forensic tools for fire scene investigations, such as for interpreting spill fire patterns and sampling for ignitable liquid residue. Multiple forensic research programs for the National Institute of Justice have been conducted in the areas of compartment fires, liquid fuel fires, electrical fires and flammable gas fires.

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