The importance of fire spread in origin and cause analysis and subrogation

Picture Section 1_ Services_Forensic_Fire SpreadFire spread analysis is the evaluation of the movement of smoke, heat, and flame from the point of fire origin.  It involves flame/fire spread and how the spread is affected by the building construction and the building systems.  The flammability and fire resistance of materials and assemblies that make up the building construction strongly affect fire spread.  Also, the performance of building systems (e.g. HVAC, fire alarm, and fire suppression systems) can also significantly affect fire spread.  Fire spread analysis can be used to evaluate fire origin and cause hypotheses or it can be employed to understand the damage done by the fire.  The role of building construction features/materials and building systems design and installation in determining the fire loss can be assessed.


Picture Section 2 - Services_Forensic_Fire SpreadWhile mathematical fire modeling can be used in fire spread analysis, the tools available and needed for fire spread analysis go well beyond computer-based fire modeling.  The full depth and breadth of fire science can be brought to bear on the analysis of fire spread in a building or facility.  JENSEN HUGHES’ extensive expertise in research and development of all aspects of fire can be brought to bear on the analysis of fire spread in the building. This includes our expertise in fire model development and use, fire detection and alarm (smoke, heat, flame, video), all types of fire suppression systems (e.g., sprinklers, mist, foam, powders, gases), structural fire protection (steel, concrete, lightweight construction, timber, composites), smoke management, and fire performance of building construction assemblies. As leaders in all aspects of fire, JENSEN HUGHES is uniquely able to comprehensively address fire spread analysis at the highest level while leveraging our strong corporate capabilities in areas of fire science and engineering.  Our strong capabilities and experience in codes and standards allows JENSEN HUGHES to assess the potential role of building deficiencies in the observed fire performance.

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